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Anti-corruption voice for common people, who risked his life to expose legal and government wrong-doing in the USA, in Belgium and at the EU Commission

Latest - the GRECO dossier - Dr Leszek Sachs, top international witness re large-scale human rights crimes of Belgium - Ursula von der Leyen EU bribery corruption


Witness to Hungary EU Presidency on Von der Leyen - Belgium corruption horrors

Dr Leszek Sachs, Polish and USA citizen from a working-class background, became highly-credentialled with seven earned academic degrees, his first two from Harvard University, and finally a doctorate in legal history in Washington DC. Dr Leszek Sachs - also known as Lešek or Leslie Raymond Sachs or Лэшэк Сакс - is an award-winning former employee of the USA Department of Justice, in an 'old America' long gone.

In the USA, Dr Les Sachs was a popular anti-corruption book author, leading to threats to murder him by international criminals able to penetrate the US judiciary. This forced his exile to his other homeland in Europe, where Polish citizen Leszek Sachs long lived under protection, his life saved at a vulnerable point by intervention of the kind Belgian monarchy, and the support of many kind people.

In the European capital Brussels where he lives, Dr Leszek Sachs has often met with and provided reports to, staff of the European Commission and EU Parliament, and to governments and intelligence agencies in Europe and around the globe. Dr Sachs has appeared on European television talking to millions of viewers.

But life for Dr Sachs changed in the 2020s as Belgian government under Alexander De Croo, and the EU Commission under Ursula von der Leyen, both sunk into brutal corruption in partnership with each other, and made Leszek Sachs himself a target amongst others of bribery extortion, illegally denying EU citizens their rights to be a part of the Belgian health care system, unless bribes are paid.

Dr Leszek Sachs then won a major victory in Brussels courts against the Von-der-Leyen backed Belgian government, and its massively corrupt health ministry under Frank Vandenbroucke defrauding health care funds and trying to murder EU citizens.

But his court victory was quickly followed by direct terrorist threats to murder Leszek Sachs if he did not leave Belgium, these threats made by corrupt racist Brussels prosecutor Gilles François working under Tim De Wolf. Current Belgium and EU officials fear that as new governments take hold in both in 2025, Leszek Sachs would be a powerful anti-corruption witness against them. The menacing François did not hesitate to boast of his 'mafia' in the Belgium-EU-Commission government crime complex, and grinned as he spoke of how he is willing to see unlimited numbers of EU citizens dead, unless they pay bribes for their health care rights to corrupt Belgians.

In explicit revenge for Leszek Sachs not keeping quiet about Belgian gov't corruption, corrupt Belgian official François also menaced Leszek Sachs with false 'criminal charges' claiming Sachs was 'harassing' the corrupt health ministry lawyers who worked to murder him by illegally depriving him of health care, these corrupt lawyers being MWingz lawyer Zeger Biesemans and Bart Biesemans of TKA Advocaten, now with fellow unethical lawyer Bob Brijs aiding the Biesemans, in a new wave of human rights crimes terrorising Leszek Sachs, who had been working to try to ensure there were no further victims of this brutal, murderous, Belgium-EU government mafia.

The EU-Belgian corruption crimes which Leszek Sachs has been fighting and defeating, involve brutal violation of EU Court Order C-535/19, enshrining absolute universal Rights of EU Citizens to national Health System Access in any EU nation where they live, when no other EU system covers them, as a core part of EU Treaty Law and EU Freedom of Movement - this law being violated in search for bribes by Belgian officials. If EU citizens are too poor to pay the bribes, the Belgian and EU governments then try to murder those EU citizens by depriving them of health care. Slow Belgian courts are another bribery element - the Frank Vandenbroucke Health Ministry spends tens of thousands on corrupt lawyers such as Bart and Zeger Biesemans, who then are enriched enough to afford 'cashback' bribery rebates to Belgian civil servants.

Apparent motive to support this Belgian crime network by the Von der Leyen EU Commission, is that by buying off Belgian regime ministers - who have criminal jurisdiction over crimes in Brussels EU offices - Von der Leyen herself can avoid prosecution for any crimes involving her husband Heiko von der Leyen in the covid vaccine business, or profiteering with her war industry friends from war crimes deaths in both Ukraine and Gaza, Ursula von der Leyen known for no less than 6 major corruption scandals, including a decade of war profiteering ever since she became German Defence Minister in 2013.

Dr Leszek Sachs remains under threat of murder because he has tried to prevent other EU citizens from being harmed by this bribery-extortion scheme being jointly run by Belgian government and the Von der Leyen EU Commission. And because he exposed the deceptions and 'Rule of Law' hypocrisy of Ursula Von der Leyen and EU Commissioners Didier Reynders and Věra Jourová, with the EU Commission itself crudely violating EU Law and Court Orders in collusion with Belgian government.

Here, brief with the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg, on how the EU Commission of Von der Leyen and Reynders violates ECJ Court orders as it systematically violates EU law

And a report at NATO and at NATO intelligence agencies on Von der Leyen corruption, why she is a threat to NATO security and unfit as a candidate to head NATO - Von der Leyen who aids pushing tens of thousands of barely-trained Ukrainians into almost certain death, for no productive purpose, but bringing profits to Von der Leyen's armaments industry friends ... and now Von der Leyen's role in the Gaza horrors.

Other media coverage of this EU Commission - Belgium corruption partnership.


Dr Les Sachs is an expert on threats to other citizens and nations from US legal system misconduct, by both US law firms and US federal judges. Dr Sachs' testimony, court filings, and consulting, have helped to block international requests for extradition by USA prosecutors, including recently a court filing helping win an early order blocking the extradition of Julian Assange, tho sadly later over-ruled.

Dr Les Sachs is also a key expert on gov-intel media hoaxes, and abuse of influence via USA-centred tech monopolies and media portals, including deception by internet vehicles such as Wikimedia, with its '20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia Deception'. He has been a key figure documenting for European and other governments, crimes of censorship plus spreading of lies by Google, Google at times favouring politically-tied USA-politics-linked crime groups.

Dr Sachs supplied information to EU Commission staff members on abuses by Google with Wikipedia, and their threats to EU citizens and companies, background for EU Commission staff as EU authorities levied billions of euros of fines against Google. Dr Sachs informed nations who acted to avert harms by the abusive Google-Wikipedia duopoly. For Europe and for the world, Dr Sachs has become a significant voice as to how things really work when USA institutions and tech companies project their power abroad.

Dr Les Sachs changed USA history, his journalism helping to block a corrupt figure from appointment as USA Supreme Court Chief Justice in the early 2000s. His October 2018 USA Department of Justice Inspector General filing, on corruption scandals touching USA Special Prosecutor and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, helped alter the course of USA political events at the highest level, spurring Mueller's departure from public life. That filing rendered impossible Mueller's impeachment foray against US President Donald Trump, who tweeted afterwards that, "Heroes will come of this, and it won't be Mueller."

Dr Les Sachs has given some comfort to thousands of victims of abuse by particularly USA legal system corruption, to people especially who are poor and minorities or otherwise marginalised, people who found their lives attacked or ruined by powerful forces arrayed against them, people with no one to fight for their rights or respect their human struggle, people mauled by malice in a flawed legal system as is especially true of the USA.

Dr. Sachs personally experienced how racists, extortionists, bribe-payers, paedophiles and foreign-funded terrorists, were able to penetrate national federal courts in Virginia USA, and also heard the experiences of thousands of USA legal system victims, whom Dr Sachs came to know through the historically important, grass-roots 'Jail 4 Judges' victims' rights movement -

With that background, Dr Leszek Sachs produced his 'FAQ on USA Judicial and Legal Corruption' and related writings, via which has has been able to given some comfort to thousands of victims of abuse by legal system corruption, people who often could not obtain any help or support or assistance as they were victimised.

Dr Sachs helped victims to understand the why and how of what happened to them, and authenticated their victims' voices via his educated stature alongside them. This is sometimes a matter of life itself for traumatised legal system victims, in a world where media supporting the powerful leaves victims feeling alone, with even family and neighbours sometimes unkind towards those mauled by callous courts and lawyers and media. - Tho regrettably, Dr Sachs' writings have often been unlawfully censored by Google, as part of Google's attempts to win favours from the US judge bribery apparatus, and in revenge for Dr Sachs being a journalist and EU and government witness against the misconduct of Google itself.

It is the common, ordinary, vulnerable, low-income people of the world, whom the spiritually-minded Dr Les Sachs has sought to serve in his life, from his youth as an anti-corruption book author showing working people how they were being cheated as they bought automobiles, to his mature career relating internationally to legal system victims, informing governments about media monopoly crimes, and now exposing the corrupt, racist Belgian government and the equally corrupt racist-against-eastern-EU Von der Leyen European Commission. Dr Sachs continues the fight against corrupt figures who abuse poor and minorities as well as European and international citizens, and who try to deprive them of their rights.

Photo biography of the life of Dr Les Sachs

Photos by Dr Les Sachs of 'Historic Brussels' with over 11 million views

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